The Bring It On Witch Spell Pack


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For the Bring It On Witch pack we have lovingly put together some of our favourite tools, to help you Manifest and with Spell work. This pack comes with 2 crystals, Selenite wand to cleanse your space and charge your crystals, and Green Aventurine to help bring some luck and open up opportunities. We have included a vial to make moon water and to represent water in spell work, a Herb Bag to bring some inspirational energy to your home and to represent Earth, there is also 3 candles to help focus, and represent Fire, the feather represents Air. Finally, we added Incense sticks to bring calmness to your space so you can concentrate on manifesting your dreams…

Included In This Pack: Manifesting Spell, Selenite Wand, Pack of Incense, 3 spell candles, Herb bag, Vial for Moon Water, Feather, Green Aventurine Crystal

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