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The perfect gift for someone with various options to choose from.


All gift cards will be sent to the shipping address, if you want it sent directly to the person you are gifting ensure you enter their address for shipping!

What I require is an email sent to with the name of the person being gifted as the subject and a picture of their eyes (once they receive their gift card). 

All card readings will be sent as a private YouTube link so you can re-watch as many times as you wish through out the year, and you can go back and watch for any advice or guidance. 

An email of your reading will be sent within 48-72 hours

Path & Obstacle Reading 🚷 – £20
This spread is one that is often used for revealing problems and solutions and getting straight to the point!
Best used when you have had something that’s bothered you for a while or if you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall.
It’s also great to pull you out of a dark space when you feel you have no direction.
Relationship Reading ❤💔 – £25
This reading is like a mirror to the heart, showing you exactly what is there, the speak the words of the hidden dynamic along with words unspoken and show your illuminated and clear dynamics.
They give clear vision of our best and worst selves and also those in our lives.
Past, Present & Future Reading ⬅️💚➡️ – £30
This reading is to give you perspective of different situations in your past, present and future and looking at ones self.
To see yourself as ‘who you were’ ‘who you are’ & ‘ who will you be’
12 Month Ahead Reading 🗓 – £40
This reading is like what it says on the tin.
A reading for the year ahead but also with a card pulled that gives you a theme for your year.
Best times for this reading is when a new beginning is coming, a birthday or a new year.
Oracle Readings

Path & Obstacle, Relationship Reading, Past,Present & Future Reading, Year Ahead Reading


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